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Chemo Treatment #2 – Day Five

Sun Aug 26 – 2012 Chemo #2 Day Five– Second Day Off

I know, it isn’t the 26th and I didn’t post yesterday, sorry.  Yesterday I was just vegging most of the day. Didn’t feel bad but didn’t feel good. I did go out to eat with Em and we were going to go grocery shopping but after eating I just wanted to go back home. By 8:30 I was looking at the clock wondering if it was too early to just go to bed.

This morning I woke up feeling ok. I took my Colace right away and went into the living room. The pill got stuck down in my throat and started melting. Not only did it taste HORRIBLE it burned and I couldn’t get it up or down. Finally I couldn’t take it and started getting sick. Throwing up did get the pill out but my throat still burned and the taste of bile in my mouth just makes you want to throw up some more. This is the first time I actually got sick since the first day after surgery.

I couldn’t even think of trying to take a Compazine…too worried it wouldn’t go down either. A bowl of cereal helped calm my stomach and my throat.

After everything calmed down I went to my son’s house to pick up his dog to take her to the dog park.  It was getting hot but we still did the walk around the park then sat in the shade. She was content to just explore around the apple trees out of the sun. We were there for over an hour and a half then went to the dog wash because she was one stinky pup and seriously needed a bath. After I took her home and got to see the grandbaby I ended up doing my grocery shopping.

I really think I overdid it today. Just too much walking. Came home and got into my jammies and vegged.

My legs ache and I don’t know if its just a normal ache that I wouldn’t think twice about before, if it’s from all the walking I did today, or if it’s from the Neulasta. Flu like aches and pains in the bigger bones are some of the possible side-effects. It’s hard to say anymore. I think twice about every little ache and pain I feel. Is it just normal 52 year old aches, is it cancer, is it chemo, is it the Neulasta? Every normal ache, pain, or sick feeling is not “normal” anymore. There is always that voice in the back of your head making you question everything.



Chemo Treatment #2 – Day Four

Sat Aug 25– 2012 Chemo #2 Day Four– First Day Off

First full day off the pump. Like last cycle, I’ve been vaguely nauseated most of the day and some constipation issues continue. I took a Compazine this morning and as long as I keep something in my stomach I’m not too bad. Ginger ale is my friend.

Today I had to get a Neulasta shot. My blood counts were low on Wed so I need the shot to help my bone marrow work harder. The good part of this is that my friend Posy came to pick me up and take me to the hospital. The weird part is that I had to actually check in to the hospital and be assigned a room on the orthopedic floor. Sitting in the room waiting for the meds to be called up from the pharmacy took 20 minutes. The shot took 20 seconds. All that and we then just leave and go home.

One tiny milestone today; I took the bandaids off of my raw spots. They have healed nicely. I wish I could say the same about my incision. The one small open spot makes me slightly ill just thinking about it and accidentally touching it in the shower really makes me ill. I see the doctor at my next chemo appointment and I’m going to ask him about it.

Today is the 6 week anniversary of my surgery.


Chemo Treatment #2 – Day Three

Fri Aug 24– 2012 Chemo #2 Day Three– Pump Day

Pump came off today. Like last session I was feeling a bit nauseated this morning. A Compazine   helped. I’ve been able to eat pretty normally today though I did drink a ginger ale this afternoon to keep my stomach settled.

I took the pump off around 1230 today. The onc nurses said I don’t have to wait for it to beep, just take it off at 1230. I hate the taste in my mouth when I’m pushing the saline solution into the port. Very metallic.

I ended up napping this afternoon. I’m not sure whether I’m really tired or just bored. Since I was feeling great yesterday I’m thinking it is real fatigue due to the chemo. After my nap my daughter took me shopping with her. Now I’m just plain tired. :-p

The constipation seems to be back also. Well I have my Miralax and Colace and raisin bran and … We’ll get it sorted out just like last time.

Hopefully I’m not feeling too icky tomorrow as I have to drive myself to the hospital to get my Neulasta shot.

~~ Gayla

Chemo Treatment #2 – Day Two

Thu Aug 23– 2012  Chemo #2 Day Two – Pump Day

Things are going great today. I slept very well last night. I didn’t wear the pump belt like last time, I just put it on the other side of the bed and was able to roll around quite comfortably. I had one very minor spasm of first bite pain this morning but nothing else all day. I’m even drinking a cold drink with no issues.

I don’t even really feel that I have anything plugged into my shoulder. I’ve even gotten up from the couch a few times almost forgetting that I’m attached to a pump that i need to bring with me.

I got dressed this afternoon and even drove myself to the store. This is the first time I’ve driven while plugged in. This is making me think that working during chemo week might not be as bad as I’ve been thinking it will be. Fingers and toes crossed.

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since diagnosis.

~~ Gayla

(Asgara of Borg – Queen of the Universe)

Chemo Treatment #2 – Day One

Wed Aug 22 – 2012 Chemo #2 Day One – Chemo Lounge

Well chemo treatment number two started. I have been nervous about this, but now that it’s started I’m fine. I got to go over to see the ♥baby♥ for a few hours last night and that made me feel good. 🙂

My appointment started at 10am when I had some blood drawn for regular blood work pre-chemo. At 1030 I met with Daisy, Dr Phillips’ nurse practitioner. At this short meeting I was told that my white blood cell count and red blood cell count were low. Daisy went and talked about this with Dr Phillips and came back saying that I could continue with the chemo treatment but my oxaliplatin dose would be lowered and they would call insurance about permission to give me a shot of Neulasta to help build up my blood counts. Permissions came through and I will head to Theda Clark on Saturday afternoon to get shot up. 🙂

Daisy also looked at my incision and confirmed that a small spot was still open at the surface. She put several steri-strips on the opening to alleviate my worries.

My time in the chair started at 11am. It seemed to go quickly this week but I was reminded that last treatment I had a lot of training and information talks with the nurses. Like the first treatment the benadryl knocked me out for a bit. But don’t worry, the steroids will wind me up LOL.

dextrose hydration

benadryl – to head off any allergic reactions

dexamethasone – steroid for nausea

palonosetron – steroid for nausea


leucovorin – helper drug for the 5FU

oxaliplatin – actual chemo drug

5FU – chemo push and pump


Avastin – still on hold due to open incision

I stopped at work after chemo to hand in all my HR paperwork for getting paid while I’m off. They are being great about what I need. Again it was so nice to walk the halls and see my friends!! Love you guys! ♥♥♥ I am planning on going back to work on Sept 10. This will be the off week after my third treatment. One quarter of the way through, I should be in some kind of routine by then (though I do know that every treatment can affect you differently).

I am experiencing a few small side effects. I had one episode of “first bite syndrome.” This is a weird or sometimes painful spasm of the jaw with your first bite of food. It only lasts a few seconds and is only on the first bite. My episode was not painful just a weird spasm. The other side effect I had was a little cold sensitivity. I had taken a melon out of the fridge and it had some dirt on it so I ran it under cold water. Between the fridge cold and the water cold my fingers started tingling immediately but did stop as soon as I dried off my hands and they warmed up. I was able to slice up the melon and eat it without any more problems.  Both of these effects are due to the oxaliplatin (the kick-ass part of my cocktail).  I hope this is the extent of my issues this week.

Great new TV and Netflix is going to keep me company tonight if I can’t sleep 🙂

~~ Gayla

Waiting on Second Chemo

It’s getting late here and I’m wide awake. I’m starting to get a bit nervous waiting to head to chemo lounge tomorrow. I’m not sure why I’m nervous as the first treatment went quite well. I guess I’m just hoping that this one goes well too.

The kids had me over tonight to hold the baby and play with the puppy before I start my ‘toxic’ period. 😀 That little girl is gorgeous and she smiles in her sleep. The puppy likes licking her… personally I think she probably tastes like milk and her diapers sometimes smell like something puppy would love to roll in if found in a field. 😛

I’m not oozing so much from the incision any more, but I think part of it is still open. If I put my finger down there  it goes in to far and I got a bit queasy and don’t touch there any more. I’m going to ask the nurses tomorrow if I could have a few new steri-strips to put on it again.

My bowels haven’t quite decided how they want to behave yet. After my constipation bout two weeks ago  things have been a bit better. I now go much more frequently but it’s not really diarrhea. Can’t tell my behind that things are better. I’m a little sore down there and find that wet wipes are my friend (I feel like the baby 😛 ).

~~ Gayla

Off Week and New Grandbaby

I haven’t posted in a few days but it’s been BUSY around here and I’ve been feeling good. My only health complaint this week has been heartburn every evening. Also, food is still an issue, I’m eating but I can’t eat much at once and some things still don’t even sound good let alone smell or taste good. My energy has been better and I’ve been out and about with the kids or alone every day this week.

Speaking of the kids… there is another one to keep track of. My son and daughter in law had my first grandbaby Monday night.  A luscious baby girl named Moira. It will be hard watching them cope through the tough first few weeks. I know my son and he doesn’t do well AT ALL on a lack of sleep and we all know what new parents lack most.  With Mama breastfeeding it’s hard to just take the baby to give them a break.

Oh well, between her family and ours, there are a lot of people willing to help when they need it.


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