Where to start….

Friday the 13th …. yep, I couldn’t make that up. Friday July 13  I went in for my first ever colonoscopy.  At 52 I was a few years late for my first scope  so when I started having some issues the doctor didn’t leave it up to me, they made the appointment.

I’ve been told my prep was much easier than in the past. Wednesday they told me to stay away from fiber; no veggies or fruits. Thursday I started clear liquids. That afternoon I took 4 Bisacodyl then started drinking 15 servings of Miralax in 60 oz of flavored water. All I’m going to say about the rest of the day is “explosive” and “on the move.”

My daughter Emily was off work that morning so she was elected to be my driver. The morning went by pretty quickly. We drove to the medical office and they got me back to the waiting area. I got changed into a lovely gown and they gave me an IV. I was taken back to the procedure room and a lot of the next half hour is a blur, semi-awake, semi-asleep.

I woke to the words “mass” and “CT scan.” These words started a roller coaster ride; running to AMC for a CT scan and being admitted and scheduled for surgery on Saturday morning. The only good news was when all the nurses on the oncology ward told me I was so lucky that a particular surgeon was on call that weekend. Dr Cheng is a nationally (if not internationally) known surgical oncologist.

Early Saturday morning I went in for surgery and came out minus 6 inches of colon, several minor issues around the area, and my left ovary. One week in the hospital getting catheters removed and put back in again… epidural dilaudid (yay)… and lots of great visitors.

Note to others, don’t let them take out your Foley catheter while you still have an epidural in… useless! Couldn’t leave hospital until the three great bodily functions worked; poop, pee, and gas. Amazed at how important these topics have become. /sigh Thought I had a decade or more before my conversations revolved around my bowels.

Well, I guess this is enough information for an initial post. Tomorrow I start chemo and will write more about my oncologist meeting and how chemo 1 of 12 goes.

~~Gayla aka Asgara of Borg


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