Chemo Treatment #1 – Day Two

Thu Aug 9– 2012 Chemo #1 Day Two – Pump Day

Pump day one down. I slept great last night. Woke up to go to bathroom once or twice but went right back to sleep and managed to stay in bed dozing until almost 9am. I wore my elastic band with my pump in front. Slept on my back most of the night but was able to sleep on my side for a bit which feels great!

The only issue I seem to be having is constipation. I haven’t gone in 4 days and am getting quite uncomfortable. /sigh I’m taking two Colace every night and another one in the morning. Yesterday when we got home from chemo I took some Miralax and have taken this two more times today. I’ve taken two bisacodyl today also. If this doesn’t work I’ll have to break out the garden hose.

One good thing, my Doc told me that in his experience people with diarrhea tend to have more of the other side effects than those that have the constipation. If I can only find the right combination of stuff to deal with it.

~~ Gayla


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  1. I have the same issue regarding constipation. And I’ve now learned to take a Coalace with meals (three per day) and to take Senna at night. This has alleviated the constipation for the most part.


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