Chemo Treatment #1 – Day Four

Sat Aug 11– 2012 Chemo #1 Day Four– First Day Off

Not much to write about today. First full day off of the chemo pump. From what I’ve heard, today and tomorrow will be my worst days. I should start feeling better afterwards.

I’ve been vaguely nauseous all day and a bit tired. I spent all day laying on the couch. I didn’t even eat anything, other than an Ensure, until Emily came home after four. I took a Compazine this morning and a peppermint candy helped this afternoon. I’m still having issues with my emotions, crying at the drop of a hat and often for no discernible reason.

I still have oozing from a section of my incision and I have raw, bleeding spots where medical tape ripped my skin.

I’ve found bandaids that don’t rip at my skin and have them on the raw spots along with neosporin. I’ve found a sanitary pad works best for the oozing. Then I don’t need to tape on gauze pads and rip myself more.



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  1. Posted by Pat Ross Peterson on August 12, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Gayla, hang in there. You are doing great and taking excellent care of yourself., My best friend has gone through several cancers, breast, bladder, in her neck and another one I can’t remember. So I’m familiar with marker numbers and yours are definately much improved. Keep up the posts as much as you can. I really appreciate hearing how you are doing. And don’t mind the “poop” talk, it’s all part of our natural body functions. Besides, I have two boys remember. That’s normal dinner table talk at our house on holidays especially!



  2. Posted by Carol on August 12, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Gayla, get some Coban to hold your bandages on instead of tape (the stretchy ace bandage stuff). You can get it cheap at fleet farm….they sell it as vet wrap to wrap horse legs, etc. Of course it’s too wide and you will need to cut it in half but at least it’s better than wrecking your skin with tape. Take care.


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