Chemo Treatment #4 – Day One

Wed Sep 19 – 2012 Chemo #4 Day One – Chemo Lounge

Session Four — YAY.

They were able to draw my blood this week from my port. Last session the nurse couldn’t get it to draw. When you get poked as much as a cancer patient does, being able to do your blood draw from your port instead of adding a vein stick each session is BIG.

This session I saw Daisy, the NP. She is great! First off, my WBC was good so NO NEULASTA this session! Second, she okayed my use of cimetazine and melatonin. She even commiserated with me the lack of availability of CBD. She gave me a good proactive protocol to help with my constipation issues.

My CEA was tested today but the results weren’t in right away.

I asked about follow up testing. Daisy said that they would probably be doing the CEA every other session and would probably have me scheduled for a scan half-way through my 12 sessions and every three months for a while. My maintenance chemo would probably be six more months of the same regimen minus the evil oxaliplatin (the kick your ass part of the cocktail). To be fair, the oxi is also a kick cancer ass part of the cocktail.

Daisy said she had a stage IV colon cancer survivor patient in another one of their offices and she was going to ask this lady if she could pass on contact information so we could talk. I would like to talk to someone ahead of me in treatment and doing great.

Infusion went well and I had my benadryl nap right on time lol. After infusion I went and got Em and we went out to eat and stopped to get my new meds. We also stopped at Fava Tea a wonderful store near here and I picked up some Ginger Mint green tea. Between the ginger, the mint, and the citrus I am set for keeping the nausea at bay. Drinking a hot tea in the morning will also help with my constipation.

Can you tell I had a good day? 😀

~~ Gayla

Asgara – I’m not a princess and I don’t need saving… I’m a freakin’  QUEEN and I got this shit handled.


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