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Chemo Treatment #6 (My boyfriend NED, still sticking around)

Wed Oct 17- 2012 Chemo #6

Session 6. Halfway through. Guess I can start counting down from now on.

Couldn’t draw from my port this session so I had the arm stick. My WBC was good again this session and so no Neulasta again!

The doctor confirmed my NED status this week. He said remission is possible and he even used the word ‘cure’ and said it wasn’t impossible. He called me Thursday afternoon to confirm that my CEA was continuing to go down. From 2.2 it was now 2.0!

They upped my Oxaliplatin back to original values. They had decreased it when my WBC was low early on. Between the addition of the Avastin and the increase of the Oxy it seems to have been a weird session for me. I slept most of the infusion. I felt good most of Thursday and stopped in at work too. Friday I stayed in bed most of the day. Bowel issues kept me from feeling good. My pump beeping woke me up and I got up to unplug myself.

Em hooked Netflix up in my bedroom and I crawled back into bed and fell asleep again to some documentary. Saturday is normally my worst day but I actually stayed up most of the day. Didn’t feel great but stayed up anyway.

It’s hard to describe just what I feel like.  From breast bone down to tush I just feel off. Vaguely full, vaguely nauseated, slightly twingey. Bowels, while working don’t seem to be working right. Food tastes just off. My appetite is fine but food doesn’t necessarily taste good. I have the cold sensitivity in my hands and while I seem to be able to eat cold things, eating ice cream with a metal spoon makes my lips tingle. Those who know me will find it odd when I say that chocolate ice cream doesn’t hold it’s old appeal.

I head back to work yet again tomorrow. Why am I so nervous? I have to keep my hours between 6 and 24 a week. I have face masks and hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes at my desk. I took my water and coffee mugs back in on Thursday so I should have no problem keeping hydrated. I have to remember to try and take some walks during the day.

Oh well, early to bed….

~~ Gayla


Chemo Treatment #5 (Meet Ned!)

Wed Oct 03 – 2012 Chemo #5 

Session 5. Nothing extra I can say about this session, #3 was a quarter of the way through, #4 was a third. Next session, #6 will be half. This is just #5 of 12.

Had an easy blood draw from my port again this week. So much nicer than arm sticks. Again, no Neulasta :).

They were really backed up so I saw Daisy again.

If you remember, session 4 they drew blood for CEA but the results were not back at the time. This week I got the results. My CEA is 2.2!!! 90 pre-surgery, 8.5 pre-chemo, 2.2 now!!! Below 3 is normal. Right now… just this minute I am NED, No Evidence of Disease. I will probably have another scan within a month or so but my last scan was clear and now my markers are normal.

NED is kind of scary. I know it doesn’t mean I’m done, it doesn’t mean the cancer is gone, it doesn’t mean it won’t rear it’s head again in a month, or a year, or 5 or 10 years. It means right now and it seems too good too fast. Too good considering I still have 7 chemo sessions to go for this round and I still feel lousy. Guess I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Mary, one of the wonderful chemo nurses, noticed my tears when I walked from my meeting with Daisy to the lounge. She came to me immediately to make sure I was all right. These ladies are wonderful.

I had the Avastin added to my cocktail this week. This first time added an additional hour and a half to my lounge time. Next session Mary said will be just an hour extra and the rest will be only half an hour more than I have been having. I guess they take things slowly at first to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

I normally go in to work after chemo just to make sure they know I’m still alive but I didn’t get out of chemo until after 3 so it wasn’t worth going in. I did get my paperwork for LTD so I went in to work on Thursday instead. Caused trouble with co-workers, stopped productive work, and again interrupted a meeting my HR benefits director was in so I could get my paperwork done. My job was complete.  One of my wonderful co-workers had to stop at the grocery store after work and so did I so she took me with her and drove me back to my car afterwards.

I felt pretty good Wed and Thu. A little cold sensitivity again and my ongoing constipation problems continue but I’m getting use to it. Stool softener, Sennakot, pro-biotics, prunes, water water water…. and Miralax waiting in the wings in case of extra issues.

Friday I was dozy all morning and Em came home just in time to help me with my unplug. I crashed early Friday and all day today, Saturday, has been a complete wash.  Other than going to the restroom I didn’t even crawl out of bed until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I just lay in bed watching TV. I was hungry yet nauseated at the same time. Nothing terrible just not feeling good. I ended up taking a Compazine with my morning pills. I haven’t taken one of those in several weeks.

It’s now 830 pm on Saturday night and I feel like crawling back into bed but the mindless TV I want to watch I don’t get in the bedroom. Sundays I’m usually feeling better… let’s hope it stays true this session.

~~ Gayla

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