Chemo Treatment #5 (Meet Ned!)

Wed Oct 03 – 2012 Chemo #5 

Session 5. Nothing extra I can say about this session, #3 was a quarter of the way through, #4 was a third. Next session, #6 will be half. This is just #5 of 12.

Had an easy blood draw from my port again this week. So much nicer than arm sticks. Again, no Neulasta :).

They were really backed up so I saw Daisy again.

If you remember, session 4 they drew blood for CEA but the results were not back at the time. This week I got the results. My CEA is 2.2!!! 90 pre-surgery, 8.5 pre-chemo, 2.2 now!!! Below 3 is normal. Right now… just this minute I am NED, No Evidence of Disease. I will probably have another scan within a month or so but my last scan was clear and now my markers are normal.

NED is kind of scary. I know it doesn’t mean I’m done, it doesn’t mean the cancer is gone, it doesn’t mean it won’t rear it’s head again in a month, or a year, or 5 or 10 years. It means right now and it seems too good too fast. Too good considering I still have 7 chemo sessions to go for this round and I still feel lousy. Guess I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Mary, one of the wonderful chemo nurses, noticed my tears when I walked from my meeting with Daisy to the lounge. She came to me immediately to make sure I was all right. These ladies are wonderful.

I had the Avastin added to my cocktail this week. This first time added an additional hour and a half to my lounge time. Next session Mary said will be just an hour extra and the rest will be only half an hour more than I have been having. I guess they take things slowly at first to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

I normally go in to work after chemo just to make sure they know I’m still alive but I didn’t get out of chemo until after 3 so it wasn’t worth going in. I did get my paperwork for LTD so I went in to work on Thursday instead. Caused trouble with co-workers, stopped productive work, and again interrupted a meeting my HR benefits director was in so I could get my paperwork done. My job was complete.  One of my wonderful co-workers had to stop at the grocery store after work and so did I so she took me with her and drove me back to my car afterwards.

I felt pretty good Wed and Thu. A little cold sensitivity again and my ongoing constipation problems continue but I’m getting use to it. Stool softener, Sennakot, pro-biotics, prunes, water water water…. and Miralax waiting in the wings in case of extra issues.

Friday I was dozy all morning and Em came home just in time to help me with my unplug. I crashed early Friday and all day today, Saturday, has been a complete wash.  Other than going to the restroom I didn’t even crawl out of bed until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I just lay in bed watching TV. I was hungry yet nauseated at the same time. Nothing terrible just not feeling good. I ended up taking a Compazine with my morning pills. I haven’t taken one of those in several weeks.

It’s now 830 pm on Saturday night and I feel like crawling back into bed but the mindless TV I want to watch I don’t get in the bedroom. Sundays I’m usually feeling better… let’s hope it stays true this session.

~~ Gayla


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hi. I just completed surgery for both colon & uterine cancer and I begin chemo in a few weeks for stage IIIC colon cancer. Are u on 5-FU? Do u go to work with the pump? How have the side effects been? You can see me at either or How all goes well!


    • Posted by Asgara of Borg on October 13, 2012 at 7:55 pm

      Yes Amy, I am on 5-FU. I have gone in to work on the pump but am not technically back at work yet. I will be going back on Oct 22 and will hopefully be able to go in on pump for a day or two each cycle. Wed is my chemo lounge day, Thursday I should be good to work. Friday will be iffy. That is my takedown day and I get fatigue hitting me right away. So far the worst side effects have been fatigue. I get the cold sensitivity in fingertips but it’s not unmanageable so far. I haven’t had any real issues with drinking cold drinks. Constipation is the worst side effect I am trying to deal with.


  2. Hope all goes well, I mean : )


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