Chemo Treatment #6 (My boyfriend NED, still sticking around)

Wed Oct 17- 2012 Chemo #6

Session 6. Halfway through. Guess I can start counting down from now on.

Couldn’t draw from my port this session so I had the arm stick. My WBC was good again this session and so no Neulasta again!

The doctor confirmed my NED status this week. He said remission is possible and he even used the word ‘cure’ and said it wasn’t impossible. He called me Thursday afternoon to confirm that my CEA was continuing to go down. From 2.2 it was now 2.0!

They upped my Oxaliplatin back to original values. They had decreased it when my WBC was low early on. Between the addition of the Avastin and the increase of the Oxy it seems to have been a weird session for me. I slept most of the infusion. I felt good most of Thursday and stopped in at work too. Friday I stayed in bed most of the day. Bowel issues kept me from feeling good. My pump beeping woke me up and I got up to unplug myself.

Em hooked Netflix up in my bedroom and I crawled back into bed and fell asleep again to some documentary. Saturday is normally my worst day but I actually stayed up most of the day. Didn’t feel great but stayed up anyway.

It’s hard to describe just what I feel like.  From breast bone down to tush I just feel off. Vaguely full, vaguely nauseated, slightly twingey. Bowels, while working don’t seem to be working right. Food tastes just off. My appetite is fine but food doesn’t necessarily taste good. I have the cold sensitivity in my hands and while I seem to be able to eat cold things, eating ice cream with a metal spoon makes my lips tingle. Those who know me will find it odd when I say that chocolate ice cream doesn’t hold it’s old appeal.

I head back to work yet again tomorrow. Why am I so nervous? I have to keep my hours between 6 and 24 a week. I have face masks and hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes at my desk. I took my water and coffee mugs back in on Thursday so I should have no problem keeping hydrated. I have to remember to try and take some walks during the day.

Oh well, early to bed….

~~ Gayla


2 responses to this post.

  1. Question, if you don’t mind, why couldn’t they use your port. Curious because I get my port in next week. Keep up the good fight!


  2. Hi Amy, I’m sorry, I was planning on mentioning this but I posted late last night and just forgot. From what I understand a fibrin sheath can form around the end of the tubing and acts like a one way valve. So far chemo going in works fine but pulling blood out doesn’t always.


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