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Chemo Treatment #2 – Day Three

Fri Aug 24– 2012 Chemo #2 Day Three– Pump Day

Pump came off today. Like last session I was feeling a bit nauseated this morning. A Compazine   helped. I’ve been able to eat pretty normally today though I did drink a ginger ale this afternoon to keep my stomach settled.

I took the pump off around 1230 today. The onc nurses said I don’t have to wait for it to beep, just take it off at 1230. I hate the taste in my mouth when I’m pushing the saline solution into the port. Very metallic.

I ended up napping this afternoon. I’m not sure whether I’m really tired or just bored. Since I was feeling great yesterday I’m thinking it is real fatigue due to the chemo. After my nap my daughter took me shopping with her. Now I’m just plain tired. :-p

The constipation seems to be back also. Well I have my Miralax and Colace and raisin bran and … We’ll get it sorted out just like last time.

Hopefully I’m not feeling too icky tomorrow as I have to drive myself to the hospital to get my Neulasta shot.

~~ Gayla


Chemo Treatment #2 – Day Two

Thu Aug 23– 2012  Chemo #2 Day Two – Pump Day

Things are going great today. I slept very well last night. I didn’t wear the pump belt like last time, I just put it on the other side of the bed and was able to roll around quite comfortably. I had one very minor spasm of first bite pain this morning but nothing else all day. I’m even drinking a cold drink with no issues.

I don’t even really feel that I have anything plugged into my shoulder. I’ve even gotten up from the couch a few times almost forgetting that I’m attached to a pump that i need to bring with me.

I got dressed this afternoon and even drove myself to the store. This is the first time I’ve driven while plugged in. This is making me think that working during chemo week might not be as bad as I’ve been thinking it will be. Fingers and toes crossed.

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since diagnosis.

~~ Gayla

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Chemo Treatment #1 – Day Three

Fri Aug 10– 2012 Chemo #1 Day Three– Pump Day

Pump day two down. Had a little relief last night after using a suppository but the dam finally broke around 330am.  After all this I felt like my urethra was bruised from all the pressure. Ugh. Hope you don’t mind all the bowel talk… but hey, it’s colon cancer what did you expect?

I didn’t sleep as well last night. Woke up to go to bathroom too many times to count.

I wasn’t feeling the best this morning. I was slightly nauseated so I took a Compazine and eventually felt better.

My pump was supposed to be done by 1230 today and Emily had to be at work at noon. Her boss gave her permission to come in at 1 so she could help me get all disconnected. This backfired as pump still hadn’t beeped yet by the time she had to go to work. Luckily, my nephew Herby and his wife Liz had come to visit. They stayed around to make sure I could do the disconnect by myself. It wasn’t too bad.

  1. stop pump
  2. turn off pump
  3. clamp tubing in two places
  4. unscrew tubing from section coming out of port
  5. wipe down tube end with alcohol wipe (between each syringe)
  6. attach 10cc syringe of saline and slowly push into tube
  7. attach second syringe of saline….
  8. attach syringe of Heparin so no clots form in my port
  9. peel off tegaderm dressing off the needle module stuck in my port
  10. put pressure on area of skin around my port
  11. pull up on butterfly wings on needle and slowly and steadily pull out of port.

I was expecting a smaller needle but it was pretty good sized. The little hole it left oozed some saline a bit but other then that it wasn’t any problem.

I felt better after my company was here and was able to eat some soup. Then I took a couple of hour nap. I think I was just tired due to my sleeping issues last night.

~~ Gayla

Chemo Treatment #1 – Day Two

Thu Aug 9– 2012 Chemo #1 Day Two – Pump Day

Pump day one down. I slept great last night. Woke up to go to bathroom once or twice but went right back to sleep and managed to stay in bed dozing until almost 9am. I wore my elastic band with my pump in front. Slept on my back most of the night but was able to sleep on my side for a bit which feels great!

The only issue I seem to be having is constipation. I haven’t gone in 4 days and am getting quite uncomfortable. /sigh I’m taking two Colace every night and another one in the morning. Yesterday when we got home from chemo I took some Miralax and have taken this two more times today. I’ve taken two bisacodyl today also. If this doesn’t work I’ll have to break out the garden hose.

One good thing, my Doc told me that in his experience people with diarrhea tend to have more of the other side effects than those that have the constipation. If I can only find the right combination of stuff to deal with it.

~~ Gayla

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